Highly accurate and realiable feeding under the harshest of conditions.  The model TWM weighfeeder features self-tensioning and self aligning weighbelt with both inner and outer belt scrapers.  The weighbridge is fully floating and is restrained against the movement of the conveyor belt by a system of parallel stainless steel leaf springs with require no routine maintenance or adjustment.  The unit features a stainless steel load cell with overload protection mounted under the weigher, protected from falling debris material build up.  The drive is selected such that the AC motor requires no forced fan cooling even when used in a control range of 1:20 (or 5% max. turndown).  The design allows the simple addition of calibration weights, both manually applied to the weigher and stored in convenient weight receptors.

The weighfeeder can be configured with a range of material infeed hoppers, from the standard extraction hopper, with tapered sides to reduce motor power requirements and increase belt life, to settling hoppers for use with either flow gates of star (rotary vane) feeders for feeding fine materials prone to flushing, or the vibrating hoppers to ensure even flow of sticky and wet materials.  Weighfeeders can be configured for continuous feeding applications, batching or loading applications.

DATASHEETS (Adobe pdf format)

TCD0005GB - Weighfeeders Model TWM