We firmly believe the best accuracy from a belt scale is achieved with correct routine calibration, idler roller maintenance and original spare parts. Our belt scale service team can provide everything from over the phone advise to comprehensive, all inclusive, onsite service backed by in-stock spare parts.

Safety is without compromise when working in industrial and mining environments. We have a detailed Work Health and Safety Manual, TCM0022, which outlines our safety procedures and is available for review. We provide qualified service technicians with PPE (hard hat with ear muffs, high-visibility reflective shirt, steel caped lace up boots, 2 x personal isolation locks (each person) and each technician carries programmable handheld 5W UHF radio. Workers covered by NSW Work cover and Coal Mines Insurance (CMI). Fully equipped site 2WD ute with roof mounted amber flashing light, reflective high-visibility flag 3.2m high, BCF 1kg fire extinguisher and First Aid Kit. Safe Work procedures can be submitted before site attendance, SWMS, JSEA and “Take 5” forms are completed before all work. We supply all our own tools as required.

All our service is logged via a secure internet onto your specific site and belt scale. Comprehensive calibration records are kept of all work done by our service technicians.

As much as possible we have a policy of 1 crew, same site. This means we have the same persons attend your site as required. We find this builds a mutually beneficial familiarity of site which improves service and aids communication

Routine Calibration - zeropoint, test weight, speed and material testing

It is recommended that all belt scales be routinely calibrated. The frequency of calibration is determined specific to each site or belt scale. We would be pleased to review your requirements and provide specific recommendations for your routine calibrations. As a general guide every 1 to 3 months at a minimum with the frequency of calibration increasing if discrepancies are noticed.

While routine calibrations can be done by the operator, many sites prefer to have TC Process as the original supplier perform these routine calibrations as;

- We provide a comprehensive calibration report, which is also independent and in secure .pdf format.

Torque Transducer - M425


FF425 Torque Transducer

The FF425 rotary torque transducer utilises a strain gauged shaft for accurate and reliable torque measurement and a set of rotating on shaft conditioning electronics, the digital signals are transmitted to the non-rotating part of the system or stator providing a reliable and highly accurate torque measurement solution.

Using our revolutionary new electronics as used in our industry standard M425 transducer the FF425 gives customers higher resolution with up to 24bit resolution and the ability to choose their sample rates from 1 up to 4000sps.

Because the torque transducer has no bearings, it can be used at higher speeds, running much faster and longer than traditional transducers containing bearings. The stator needs to be mounted in relation to the shaft within an operating envelope of +/- 3 to 5 mm.

Torque Transducer - FF425

Shaft Power Monitoring Kits

The new Shaft Power Measuring Kits from Datum Electronics provide engineers with the opportunity to measure and monitor shaft power accurately in the field.

The kit can be applied using minimal skills in six simple steps and provide accurate data on a portable PC within less than an hour.

The kits are available in two formats, the standard kit that provides data from the shaft for long duration trials of between 30-60 day and is supplied in a robust weatherproof shaft housing. The second format is a compact version ideal for single day trials to access power levels and torque characteristics such as start up maximum torque levels.

Both Kits have been designed to be easily fitted with a minimal of on site operations. The strain gauges used are supplied with connector to remove the need for soldering and have an encapsulated coating to simplify environmental sealing.

The system provides an output of shaft torque, shaft rpm and shaft power. The instrumentation has an accuracy of 0.1%

Shaft Power Kits - SPMK

Universal Torque Transducer Interface

The Datum Universal Torque and Power Measurement Interface - the interface will provide all of the usual analogue interfaces 4-20mA, +/-5Vdc, 0-5Vdc, +/-10Vdc, 0-10Vdc as well as RS232/485 serial data. The interface also has full Ethernet connectivity to your system allowing remote monitoring and configuration to an IP Address. The the interface is configured using the Ethernet connection or a local USB port will the same features

The Interface has a USB port for logging that will accept a standard memory stick. This will allow you to log Torque, RPM, Power and other parameters into a simple text file for analysis.

Torque Transducer Interface